The internship begins

I’m doing my internship with the Rochester Oral History Archive (ROHA) under the supervision of Cornelia Pokrzywa. My main goal for this semester is to help improve and expand ROHA’s online presence, in part by utilizing my existing skills and in part by developing new skills. Since ROHA lives online, part of my internship will involve maintaining websites–the database, the Wikipedia page, the Facebook page, the Twitter feed, etc. The other part of my internship will revolve around gathering oral histories–finding and researching participants, recording and editing the histories, etc. My challenge is to push myself outside of my comfort zone: I don’t have much experience with the new media side of things, but I’ll clearly need to learn in order to be successful.


3 thoughts on “The internship begins

  1. troyintern says:


    Your project sounds very interesting, are you doing most of the internship work from home or at another location? What type of people do you look for when you are doing interviews? The oral history part is particularly interesting, I am curious to read the specifics on what you are researching, how it works, and where it is based.


    • Hey Al,

      Most of the work will be done from home, though some will be done wherever I need to go to record the oral histories (which will probably be on campus). Cornelia has preselected people for me to interview–my job is to do background research so that I’ll be able to ask the subjects intelligent questions; I’ll also be recording the actual histories and editing and uploading the sound files, writing synopses, adding keywords, etc. Before any of that, I need to train to use ROHA’s website software so that I can edit the website. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon, then get down to work!

  2. troyintern says:

    Sounds awesome, Rach. Let me know when you start doing interviews, I am curious as to how you will approach it. I might like to pick your brain a little bit on how you prepare yourself beforehand. I two interviews scheduled so far for my internship and two more that are pending dates and I am pretty nervous.


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