Picking up speed

There have been a couple of new developments since my last post: First of all, I did CMS training this morning and am now able to access the majority of ROHA’s website to add, edit, and delete content as needed. There are still a couple of kinks to work out–I’m not currently authorized to work on the archive itself–but I’m confident that everything will fall into place in the next week or so. I’m excited to get started working on the archive as soon as possible.

Today I also applied for the URC Student Travel Award, as suggested by Dr. G. If you’re interested, information about the conference I hope to attend can be found here. The conference is in less than three weeks–October 12 would be my departure date–so hopefully I’ll hear soon whether or not I’ve been approved. I’ll let you guys know what happens.

On Saturday I’m going to the Rochester Hills Museum at the Van Hoosen Farm to see an exhibit called “Lost Rochester.” Hopefully I’ll be allowed to take pictures for the blog, but even if not I’ll definitely have some new material.

Speaking of which, this blog now has dual purposes: First to meet Dr. G’s requirements for my internship class, and second to chronicle my experience as a ROHA intern for the wider audience of anyone interested in the project. (There’s a link to my blog in my bio on the “About Us” page.) It’s awesome–learning basic website management, the possibility of the conference, having my name mentioned on an “About Us” page…

Now it feels like my internship has formally begun.


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